Colors Between Us


Heinola Art Museum 2022.

Carmine Red Moments

Participatory installation: 3 yoga mats and pillows with words.

Heinola Art Museum 2022

Violet Archaeological Investigation

Painting Installation and Performance, Porvoo Triennal 1.6.-31.8.2021, Porvoo, Finland

Being in your own private fort allows for you to get away from the pressures and requests of life. Fort-building provides you with the chance to create your own world, a world in which you are in charge. You can also realize that there are countless shades between blue and red.

So, the next time your kids destroy your living room for the sake of building the ultimate hideout, don’t worry about the mess they’re making. Instead, remember all of the major emotional benefits they’re gaining by playing in a fort. And hey, you can build your own fort as well.

Swimwear for Mermen -project

Swimsuits and photo performances. The Tobacco Warehouse, Jakobstad, Finland, 2021.

Installation in Imatra Art Museum, Finland, 2021

AREA MAIMU -installation

+performances and other events with other artists: Sara Kovamäki, Vili von Nissinen, Susi Nousiainen ja Kikka Rytkönen

MUU Gallery, Helsinki, Finland


Garden House of All The Flowers

Drawing workshop for children with artist Heidi Lunabba and drag performance
TransFolk Kucku 4.8.2018 Loviisa, Finland

From Father To Son -educational project

Two spruce and outdoor acrylic paint
Mänttä Art Festival

Side by Side -installations

Fabric color on cotton 35 pcs

Kinapori Senior Center; Helsinki, 2017 / tm-gallery, Helsinki, 2017

Side by Side -exhibition in Sörnäinen metro station, Helsinki.

Exhibition was part of the Ole hyvä Helsinki -art project. I created these pictures in Kinapori Senior Center with two groups of wonderful women.


Attempt to Mix The Loveliest Colour Pink

Gallery Huuto +workshop and speech in the Kinapori Senior Center +video performance on social media, Helsinki


Color Studies Around The Table

Color studies with elders with dementia.
Roihuvuori Senior Center and exhibition space of Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland

Side project: Banderolls


Escape Ropes -installation

Participatory art project. Roihuvuori Senior Center, Helsinki, Finland.