You just entered into portfolio of visual artist and art educator Timo Tähkänen based in Finland, Helsinki.

Colour, material and interaction are intertwined in my artworks and perfomances. My artistic practice is driven by questions about social connections as a material of visual art. What happens during artistic intervention? Who you are? Where is the boundaries of work of art?

I have two artist and performance alter egos: Drag gueen Maimu Brushwood and clown Elle Cockerel.

Contact for more information: timo_tahkanen(at)hotmail.com

You can find here my selected artworks and projects since 2013. Colour, material, social connection and interaction are often intertwined in my installations, performances, paintings and other art works.

Maimu Brushwood neé Huolirinta is the poem and story writing drag alter ego. She´s a softly anarchist person and she wants to make the world better place.

Her performing language is Finnish.

Elle Cockerel is a curious and playful character. Elle exploring life and art in them own perspective. They combining play and an art historical references on their performances.

Elle doesn’t speak so Elle´s performing language is universal.